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"We are a non profit art school, and in the past conducted fundraising on a small scale primarily for scholarships and special projects. We did so without any real know-how so last year we decided it was time to begin fundraising in earnest. As Executive Director, I knew the responsible action was to seek out a professional for guidance and advice. Although our small staff is very busy running schools in multiple locations, I knew the time had come for a fundraising consultant, and had the pleasure of working with Hilary Alger for a year. Hilary worked to acquire a thorough understanding of our institution and its needs. She contributed significantly to a range of issues that included establishing the correct message and tone in our correspondence with donors and foundations, role playing to help us gain confidence by understanding the correct language and approach when speaking with donors, and setting up an annual fundraising strategy that our staff could manage. Hilary did a wonderful job and we are grateful for her help."


— Susan Tintori, Executive Director, The Florence Academy of Art



"Hilary and I have worked together on and off for many years on all kinds of campaigns and with organizations of all sizes.  I absolutely rely on her judgment, her creativity, and her smarts; more importantly, so do our clients.  Her professionalism and can-do approach to the most challenging of issues inspire her clients with confidence and build their capacity to reach for ambitious goals."


— Eleanor Shakin, Principal, Shakin Boreyko Consulting, New York, NY


*Clients through Schultz & Williams


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